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Reusable pads making and marketing skills In


Project Goal

Improved health service delivery for directly 120 vulnerable girls(aged 12 -16), 120 child mothers and indirectly 10,000 household members within of 8 communities of Buwenge Town Council and Buwenge Rural sub-county, Jinja district, Eastern Uganda by December 2019.


Funding Agency

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Australian Government


Implementing Partners

  • Uganda Network for Empowerment of the Marginalised Child and Youth (NEMACY-UGANDA)
  • Ministry of Health (MoH)
  • Jinja District Local Government
  • 8 communities/parishes of Buwenge sub-county & Buwenge Town council


Expected Project Outcomes

  1. Improved access to health facilities (services) by patients who visit community health centers
  2. Reduced incidences of teenage pregnancies by girls[1] between the age of 12- 16
  3. Reduced incidences of sickness in 8 communities
  4. Increased budgetary allocation by policy makers on health service sector
  5. Reduction in poverty levels especially among households with child mothers


Key Interventions

  1. Construction of a Maternity Ward & patients’ waiting shelter at Buwenge health center IV
  2. Sexual and reproductive health awareness among children(aged 8-16)
  3. Hygiene and sanitation awareness through Village Health Teams (VHTs)
  4. Engagement of policy makers to prioritize health during budgetary allocation
  5. Training of child mothers[2] in making of reusable sanitary pads & marketing skills

[1] 85% of trained girls (12- 16) years acquire skills in reproductive health and have positive behavior change

[2] 90% of child mothers complete training, acquired skills of making and marketing washable sanitary pads