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Children at Kiwagama PS Using a Hand Washing Facility provided by NEMACY-UGANDA

Improving Access to Basic Primary Education (IBAPE)

Funder:  Terre des Hommes Netherlands

Implementing Partners: Jinja District Local Government (Education Department) and Jinja Municipal Council (Education Department)

Period July 2013 – December 31st 2015.

Project summary

Since July 2013, IBAPE was implemented in 16 Government aided target primary Schools in three Sub-counties of Mafubira, Buwenge and Butagaya of Jinja district and one division of Walukuba/Masese of Jinja Municipal Council – Jinja District.

IBAPE Project targeted 9798 children (654CwD) & 6500 parents to improve educational performance of their children in schools.

Project objectives included

  1. To improve stakeholder involvement in school management and enhance quality of primary education in target schools,
  2. To advocate for primary education policy implementation,
  3. To improve school learning environment in target schools,
  4. To improve capacity of teachers in target schools and
  5. To strengthen capacity of NEMACY UGANDA in implementation of the Project


  • The education standards improved in Jinja District whereby enrollment, retention and completion rates from 32.4% to 50%.
  • Improvement of school learning environment through construction of well furnished 6 classrooms,18 teacher’s houses and installation of 6 water harvesting tanks in the targeted schools in the three sub-counties of Buwenge rural, Butagaya and Mafubira.
  • Improved hygiene and sanitation in schools through the construction of 3 pit latrines and provision of hand washing facilities in Butagaya sub-county and Walukuba –Masese Division in Jinja Municipal Council.
  • Friendly school learning compounds as child rights massages were designed and planted.
  • 150 teachers use pedogigocial teaching methods in schools as they were equipped with relevant skills during refresher trainings.
  • 8250 Parents, 50 SMCs and 50 PTAs are fully involved in monitoring school education programmes in their communities. This came as a result of trainings, sensitization and mobilization meetings held during implementation.
  • School get timely capitation grants from Government because policy makers were engaged on the gaps hindering UPE implementation during the engagement meetings.
  • Inspection of schools and supportive supervision by district education department improved and effective in monitoring schools. This was a result of developing simple, easy and less cost mechanism of inspecting schools by NEMACY UGANDA and the District and Municipal Council education departments.
  • School grades and performance improved as schools received 2359 relevant standard text books and the organization monitored the usage, pupils received scholastic materials. This resulted into targeted schools to score first grades in PLE ever since in the last ten years of not having first grades.
  • The number of highly vulnerable children increased from 15% to 50% in accessing Education E.g children with multiple disabilities.
  • The District education department adopted IBAPE examination Board which was formed for only the targeted schools and it is now effective for assessing examination performance of pupils in the District.
  • Child participation in schools programmes increased as school debating clubs was put in place active and effective. The award of gifts to best performing pupils also increased children participation and performance in classes, hence better grades in examination results.
  • 3 recommendations on enforcement of UPE policy were implemented including ordinances on feeding of children at school, sending children to school & confirmation of un substantive head-teachers for over 10 years