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Policy Research and Advocacy

NEMACY-Uganda believes in tackling every concern of young people through initial gathering of scientific and factual evidence. Research revolving around existing policies and systems on children and youth issues is conducted with a view of identifying gaps upon which advocacy strategies are developed.

Relevant information related to policies and laws on children and youth is simplified and disseminated to members, children, youth groups, and the wider public. It is also partly done through the existing resource centre. NEMACY-Uganda facilitates collective members’ positions on childcare and protection based on evidence informed by research and field experience of members.

It also participates in external events that promote the well-being of children and youth. It spearheads the formation and coordination of specific issue based coalitions to advocate for the rights of children and youth especially at lower levels of governance.

Radio talk shows and messages are used to promote child protection in communities. In this way, communities are sensitized about the child protection mechanisms, referral networks and linkages necessary in child protection.
Consequently, since 2009, over 5.5 million listeners (school listeners clubs and community members) have been reached with child protection messages. The organization also uses community outreaches through music, dance and drama, partnership building and clubs to promote child protection.