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sexual education by NEMACY-Uganda In Health And Health Promotions


High levels of school dropouts because of teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDs and other STDs infections among young people are some of the challenges that young people face. They have limited or lack of information about sexual reproductive Health and other Rights leading them to leave school untimely for both girls and boys, have unwanted pregnancies for the case girls, acquire HIV/AIDs and other infectious diseases such as Candida, syphilis, gonorrhea etc.  Also parents/ guardians not to have time for their children and talk about sexual reproductive Health   and other rights and as well listen to the children the challenges they face. Parents/guardians claim to be busy all the time and leave children to be handled by only schools. Additionally, negative attitudes by some of the health personnel on young people who go at the health centre to seek advice about sexual Reproductive Health Services such as contraceptives/family planning use especially girls makes them not to go again to those facilities for help. Ideally young people need to know and have information about sexual reproductive Health and other Rights to help them to make well-coordinated informed decisions in times of difficulties about their lives.

In order to close the gap, NEMACY-Uganda organizes school and community sensitization out reaches to  reach out to young people  and make them aware and have information on sexual reproductive health and others Rights. The services available about Sexual Reproductive Health and where to get those services in case they need to access them.  During the outreaches, the adolescents are always reminded about family planning/contraceptives and contraceptive options that can be used, menstrual health and other health related facts .Additionally the young people are also informed about the key messages that they should take up in life.

For instance young people to respect their bodies, let them Abstain from sex until they become adults, virginity being healthy for both girls and boys, Menstruation is normal and healthy for the case of girls and should not hinder one from going to school. The parents/guardians too should listen to children demands and respond accordingly like buying sanitary pads for girls who attained the age of menstruation cycles.