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NEMACY Uganda health sensitization In Health And Health Promotions


To empower communities on how to improve the health within their areas, NEMACY-Uganda in collaboration with Jinja District Local Government (health department) is promoting primary health care and health promotion by carrying out health campaigns on the dangers of poor hygiene and sanitation. This is aimed at empowering communities with information on how to cub down the alarming health status. It involves meeting different groups of people such as parents, school communities, local council leaders, Village Health Teams among others and gives them information on how to improve the hygiene and sanitation in their homes and the community at large. The recent campaigns were conducted in Buwenge rural sub- county and Buwenge town council where the health department officials emphasized the communicable diseases such as malaria, diarrohea trachoma phenomena as among the leading causes of death in the area even though there are preventable.

They also pointed out that people need to know that poor hygiene and sanitation leads to contaminations of water sources due to the fact that as storm water flows, feaces defecated outside go into the water sources especially in area where wells, springs are used as water sources during rainy seasons. This too leads to lack of access to safe and clean drinking water, hence leading to diseases such as trachoma and diarrohea which result into blindness of people and death. The advise to communities was that all the problems that are caused by poor hygiene and sanitation can be overcome. Households need to put up requirements for hygiene and sanitation and properly maintain them. For example, all water sources must be kept clean and protected, installation of hand washing facilities and above all change of attitude that proper hygiene and sanitation facilities are not for the health inspectors. Households and the entire community or village need to maintain good hygiene and sanitation and will lead to high reduction in diseases, hence growth of homesteads and the community at large.